They fixed my Rifter! Hawt Damn!

Bring us bullets, NOW!

Isk to burn!

Im giving away 1 billion worth of 100 mil rifter packages.

10 people who write an awesome story, submit something rifter related that I can repost in the blog, or just plain old need 100 mil to blow stuff up with.

The give-away will end when I find ten cool pilots to hook up.


Solo versus Gang warfare

I’m going to take a break from the story for a while, and just write a little bit about risk aversion, some awesome pilots, and why engaging rather than docking in Eve can really work out well (sometimes). My goal lately is being solo and winning against small gangs. Fleets are always fun, but sometimes music and a solo roam make for a different kind of fear, and joy when winning, or sometimes when just slipping away with a kill before the victims buddies land.

So GATE corporation, a corp I know little about, description talks about being a fun friendly mining and pve corp. So three of them come into Bosena, in two rifters and a tristan and go to the sun. Would most eve pilots pass up that fight alone in a rifter, probably. Is this a good fight to take. Probably not, there are also eyes all over the system at this point, cloakies sitting and watching movements, but I’m not the guy thats going to dock and wait for them to pass, warp to 30 on the sun. I’m hoping maybe to split them up, stretch them out, or just brawl one down and split before they can really get guns on me. No one at the sun. Means a bookmark since they are on a tight scan from the sun. Gotta give these guys credit, I didn’t know it at the time, but they had all t1 mods. They came into the sun one at a time, and i was able to melt through all three basically one at a time. Gotta respect the balls of them trying to do the pvp thing, take out a cheap group and get some fights. GATE Corporation were the guys. much love, ty fo the fight guys.

Different situation, I still se it as a “Win”, or at least a good fight. A vengeance and I are playing around trying to catch each other in belts. He has corpies in system, 2 or 3 of them. I land at a belt and wait since we are barely missing each other. He lands as I am burning straight up, and away. I spiral in and engage, with PP, I dunno I was hoping he hadn’t plugged the holes, he had, and he had dual reps running, hard to kill, my wolf’s armor melts as he explodes and his buddies land, I try to warp for the belt in line in structure, but they make a good tackle, and get the kill. Vessels of the Line. Good fight guys. So if I am a half second quicker on the warp, i walk away with an AF kill versus a small gang roaming and that would be a win. So that tells me it can be done. It encourages me to engage, even when they are good pilots with good fits and gear.

Would you engage a navy vexor in a wolf? Of course not! You say, the drones man! So I will disagree with you and end the blog post with possibly the worst Navy vexor fit evar.

2013.11.03 18:38:00

Victim: ninarisu conford
Corp: Federal Defense Union
Alliance: Unknown
Faction: Gallente Federation
Destroyed: Vexor Navy Issue
System: Old Man Star
Security: 0.3
Damage Taken: 11009

Involved parties:

Name: 3D Horrorshow (laid the final blow)
Security: -9.20
Corp: Black Rebel Rifter Club
Alliance: The Devil’s Tattoo
Faction: None
Ship: Wolf
Weapon: 200mm AutoCannon II
Damage Done: 11009

Destroyed items:

Photonic CPU Enhancer I
Medium Armor Repairer I
Damage Control II
Medium F-S9 Regolith Shield Induction
Antimatter Charge M, Qty: 3600 (Cargo)
Shield Recharger I

Dropped items:

Core Probe Launcher I
Antimatter Charge M, Qty: 187
Warp Disruptor I
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane I
Overdrive Injector System II
‘Langour’ Drive Disruptor I
Heavy Electron Blaster I
Heavy Electron Blaster I
Hobgoblin I, Qty: 6 (Drone Bay)
Reinforced Bulkheads I
Salvager I
Antimatter Charge M, Qty: 187

So I guess my point is give it a go, jump those three frigs at the sun, Undock into Old Man Star and shoot someone, Get guns on ’em, ya never know. Sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes it eats you, but its a rush either way.

o/ Fly Dangerous

Good Old Belt Fight

“We have some things that are going to turn into headaches fast,
Your obsession with this female bounty hunter..” Dante was
“Amarr Royalty…Think of the Isk!”
Dante wasn’t convinced, “Sounds thin to me. When is the last time
you saw Amarr royalty without an escort? Since when do they stroll
into The autocannon?” Dante paused, and noticed something on
scan. “Hurricane in the belts.”

3D smiled, “Been waiting for a fight all day. Warp to zero for death
or glory!”

Dante snapped his head back around, “Hey we are in a THRASHER,
we are going to DIE!”

“Such negativity Dante, orbit tight, load Fusion. The pilots
registered I.D. comes back as less than 6 months since first
registration, he won’t have the skill or experience.” As the Thrasher
landed 30km away from the Cane, the crew locked themselves into
battlestation’s, and engaged the Hurricane.

“I want to see a nice spiral getting into this guy. Then keep a manual
orbit tight enough to scrape paint off the tubs.” The crew worked
furiously together, and as the Hurricanes shield’s fell away under

the onslaught of the thrashers autocannons, the true test of armor was about to start.
“I want D scan readings contsantly, anything coming for us?” 3D
didn’t even look up from his console, busy hugging the Cane in
manual orbit.” The armor tactical readouts showed he was in half
armor, “I think we have got him boys!” Dante shouted, rushing on
“Focus Dante, he is still a threat.”
“Scan is clear!”
Dante checked shields, “Shields low.”
“Full on overheat, give it everything.” The gun barrels began to
glow red and the small ship shuddered and groaned, and they made
short work of the Hurricanes hull. Debris and the shock wave
showered the small destroyer.
“Capsule targeted sir.”

3D Opened comms, “Is your pod worth anything to you? You have
15 seconds to make an offer.” Silence. Followed by the sound of a
pod with slaves being destroyed.
“Amazing work gentlemen. Lets dock, and sell this loot. It’s time we
took a break anyway.” 3D smiled, “Young pilots flying
battlecruisers…What a truly magnificent gift from the eve gods.

Roland’s Awakening

Roland Bisko. Now awake, laying still. He opens his eyes. “I can’t see.”
“Doctors! He is awake!”
“Why doctors?” Bisko begins to worry, he remembers his leg. He wiggles his toes, and relaxes. “I can’t be that badly off…” His thoughts are interrupted by what is becoming a white light instead of darkness in his eyes, and the voice of a young man, “Hello, Seargent Bisko, you are in a medical clone bay in the Gulfondi system, a pod neural tranferrance malfunction caused you to be transferred to a new body, but you were in a type of coma, we have been keeping you…”
“How long?” Bisko asks, blinking, trying to wake up and adjust.
“2 and a half years.” The doctor says.
“What happened to my fleet? Did anyone come to see me?”
“The same malfunction affected the majority of your fleet, you, and a young man named Marcean Shelby. He is still in the same type of coma you are waking from now.” The doctor pauses, reluctant.
“How can pods malfunction…I..Are you sure? They are all dead? Not just transferred to another region?”
“We believe so Roland”
“I need to leave.” Bisko stands up, now able to see blurry shapes, his legs starting to respond.

Four hours later, in the back corner of a station far off the beaten space lanes, Bisko shakes hands with a small nervous man, with a scarred lip. “You are sure these are the men?” Bisko frowns as he asks.
“I don’t sell bad information, included are the official concord filed reports, everyone who fired a shot at your fleet is on that list.” Bisko sifts through the documents. “What are you preparing to do with these names?” The thin information trader asks.
“I’m going to kill them all, and anyone who proftted from our deaths. Now. How much to find out who is responsible for the Pod’s malfunctioning.”
“200 million, the information will be difficult to obtain.”
Bisko leans forward, “Sounds fair…But. You don’t want to be on this list do you?”

Roland’s Fall

The hull shuddered a tiny bit as the three banks of Modulated strip miners hurled their beams towards the asteroid belt. The “Ka Shunk” of the lasers working was drowned out by comms static filled voices, “We are about done here, this is at least half the raw tonnage we need.” The Commander of the mining fleet was named Biska, Seargent Roland Biska. He no longer held rank, and was thankfull for that. “I think we might have time to take down a few more belts in this system after our dump off, what do you think?” Biska asked his executive officer.
“I will crunch the numbers, sir.” Carter had already been working on the numbers, and transfered his hologram linking material needs with production facilities, moons, and belt mining ops.

Biska leaned back and tried to stretch his back out. He scanned the belt intensely. Something was wrong, he could feel it. He had long ago learned to trust this gut. He had this feeling before men died before. Often. “Carter run scanners and align the fleet to our refinery. Do it. right now. launch ECM drones, and prepare to warp.” Carter gave fleet orders while Biska took evasive action, and launched his drones.

Carter turned white, he staggered back and muttered…”local spike, dscan at least 40 destroyers, coming in from 34 degress.” Biska Turned his cameras towrads the sun, and saw the swarm of desi’s landing on his fleet members, 3 catalysts came out of warp right in front of him, and his cameras and systems displays flcikered and blinked as he kept struggling to get warped out. He heard his comms flicked and sputter the sounds of his dying fleet as catalysts spit white streaks of antimatter into the defenseless barges. Explosions racked the belts, and Biska’sbridge collapsed around him, his ship being crushed by the reactor disintegrating. Biska waited for his pod to eject, but it never happened. Instead, he heard more explosions, he realized with horror that his leg was crushed inside his pod. He looked down and saw a torn, jagged, sharp beam that had sliced into his pod and mangled his leg. “Why am I not podding out?…surely will bleed out soon. this is…” He was suddenly shot from the ship. his pod simply falling away from the force, it only took him seconds to die. He waited for the mental shock of being reborn in a new pod. Instead, he only saw and felt darkness. deep, and without end.

OOC Post

OOC Post 4/4/2013

They say only bad people play eve. I have always disagreed with this. It is like the statement I have often heard while playing music, “There are only satanists and evil people playing metal.” Well, in both cases, I find the guys in metal bands are very relaxed, non tense, and non violent, why? Because they purged every shred of tension, anger, stress that night at the show, just as a good combat session of eve can do. I am a pirate, because the msot genuine, funny, interestingly generous and caring people are the pirates, or maybe I have just gotten lucky. (I a of course speaking in generalizations for purposes of discussion, we, they, us, all mean within the bellcurve of the majority) anyway, I got lucky with E-Uni and some very good pvp teachers from the low sec camp, I still read E-Uni classes and the Uniwiki is outstanding. I got lucky and was rewarded for stupid agression and eagerness to get fights by being taught frigates, skills, and how MH does business by R1fta. While with this talented frig outfit, I had time to do my support skills, while being able to learn tactics, and get invaluable combat time for little isk. RANSM, 7-2, Fighting wars with E-Uni, RCOP, and Delait have made my time in eve dynamic, interesting, and a rush. and now ThC2 are continuing the MH tradition of just being great people to blow up spaceships with. Whenever I travel around MH with GOA, or Mungus and crew, or any of the guys I listed above, we find fights, have a good time laughing and trying to not piss off our FC’s on comms, and just in general fly around making things explode.

So, as I sit in my hangar with my two birthday Hurricanes (SHUTUP Ren! I LIKE my star destroyers!) feeling loved, I just wanted to totally dismiss the idea that pirates are “bad” people. I also just wanted to thank all the people that make Eve epic for me everyday, So thanks to all the great FC’s, logi pilots, guys with carriers just waiting to undock, the guys smiling while collecting intel, tacklers, bitchers, complainers, blopsdropsers, scanners, probers, alt jockeys watching the gate, people doing daily jita trips to make MH an even more amazing place to live, ruthless cyno killers, gate campers, solo pilots, missioners, MY ENTIRE CORP FOR BEING JUST FUCKING AMAZING TO ME, NC for inspiring me everyday because being new is HARD, the bounty hunters, the miners in teon for mining without tanks and not aligned, to the gankers who hand me catas, to the floating cupcakes at 23 days old in BC’s, To the hardcore frig and desi solo pvp’ers who always give me great fights, to the fleets that come in and throw down with us, and just thank you in general to everyone in MH that makes Eve cool for me.


Mungus Amoungus

“Incoming message Horror. Sounds like the Molden heath Intel channel found our Thrasher, and your girl” Dante comments.

I ignore his tone and check the intel for myself. Apparently a Carebear that owed me a favor after I got him out of losing a scorpion navy issue, had heard that I was looking for her, and found her for me:



I have located your thief, although the files on her indicate that it would not be optimal to engage this particular target, as she is protected by someone with much higher access than I. Can only mean she is connected to someone powerful in the Republic.


Dudreda, she is docked and in the Republic Military School. She is not alone, at least 100 Eve University Low Sec Camp members roam that area. Hagular is also a known, dangerous system. Do be carefull Horror, XXXXX XXXXXX out.

End Transmission.


“Set destination to Dudreda, I believe we have a rifter that will be quick enough to run the high sec camps.” I smile

“Sir…You are beaming.”


“We are going to die horribly in that rust bucket. I think it is missing a few thrusters.”

“We are good.”

“I’m not sure, Horror, one of the wings is a section of stationing panel.”

“You don’t mean station paneling, you mean, improvised bulkhead.”

“We are all doomed.”

Excellent! Prepare to depart!” I can’t help but smile. Screaming through high sec space, with the faction police tailing us, things falling off of my rifter, hoping the carebears and concord agents don’t get wind of our direction and set up a gate camp. Not to mention diving right into what is truly a snakepit for an outlaw like myself, Eve University has been likened to puppies, but 40 or 50 sets of puppy teeth are still dangerous, and the Eve Uni Camp has more than one old, wise, clever wolves leading the pups. All to recover a thrasher worth less than Dante’s shirt, from a bounty hunter with extremely dangerous government connections that could probably get us all hunted and killed so fast, we would be both dead, and in shock.


We tear across high sec with little incident, the faction police can’t catch our lithe, quick rifter. As we land in Hagular, E uni has a few pilots in system, and maybe 20 neuts in system. We ove on to Dudreda, and I double check my locations to make sure I have an instant warp off of the Eve Uni station. As I dock, we scan the ship bays for our Thrasher’s ship ID code, Dante finds it, and unlocks the docking mechanism. 

“Great work Dante, I’m going for it!”

“You are going to get us all…”

I run out of the room as his words trail of behind me.


I run RIGHT past two E uni students, who take a second to realize a filthy pirate is sprinting through the station, but quickly sound the alarm. I find the bay and enter the code to enter the ship. Completely empty. She is nowhere to be found. My shoulder comms crackle with Dante’s voice, “Horror?”

I reply, “How are we doing?” 

“Really bad.”

“So according to plan. Excellent!”

“We have to get out of here, we are about to be boarded,”

I remember that there is a large pocket next to dudreda, lots of room to fight or escape if needed, even better, an easy place for people under E-uni protection to hide, “Get out of here, we will dock the rifter and thrasher in bottow station, then lets make a run for it with the Thrasher…Heh, or split them up enough to pop a few, might as well make ourselves a little isk while we are here.”

We undock into E uni soup, Battlecruisers and tackle frigs swarming around destroyers and ecm boats. Planning is the way to survive, I warp the Thrasher out to our Instant undock and watch the Unista fleet, now 350km plus away begin aligning as I warp to Haki.


We pop through the Haki gate, and local comms lights up with Mungus and some friends saying hello, “3D! You filthy bastard, how are you mate?”

“I have Eve University RIGHT on my ass, for stealing my own Thrasher back.” I reply, while overheating guns and burning back towards the gate, “Could I get an assist?”

“Roger That, follow us to XXXXX and we wills et up in a belt, try to spread them out or grab a few before their blob lands.”

As the first of the Unistas come through the gate in afrig, he targets me, and engages us because he can without gate guns, I turn the thrasher and call for point and overheat the guns. Dante calls out point, and I kick in the wmd and manually fly a tight 10km spiral, shredding the frig with 200mm autcannons. The second he is down I run to the XXXXX gate, I ke sure he sees me do it.


“Ok they might follow us guys, I just caught one agressed on gate.” I say, as we are cleared to link up our computers with the rest of the fleet.

They do follow, the first Unista lands in a Catalyst, and I call point, start my orbit well out of blaster range, and quickly melt their spear tip. As a Caracal, Maller, ECM boats, and a pair of ares land, Our FC calls primary and secondary, and we sweep into try and catch or chase off the ares.

“Maller resist tanked! Overheat! Burn burn burn!” The maller shatters into fiery explosions and debris, and the ares im just sliding into range on, aligns to the sun at full speed and bails.


I turn and begin tracking towards the next ares, as the notification that my fleet member has been warp scrambled flickers across the console in red. I bank into a tight spiral, but he is way to fast for my thrasher and he slides out of gun range and warps off. As I turn back to engage the rest, I see a caracal explode.

“Bail bail bail, reinforcements incoming”

I align to warp away as the oracle and brutix land on field and primary my lil thrasher instantly. We warp the pod away. One thrasher for 2 cruisers, a desi and a frig isn’t a bad days work. Once we split the loot, I ask about my elusive blonde, and Mungus says, “Oh you mean the amarr royal family girl? I know where she is hiding.”

“Amarr royal family!?” I ask, a little shocked.

“Thats the rumor, and I know right where she is too.” Mungus replies

“You just became my favorite pod jockey then, didn’t you? What is it worth to you my friend? Lets make a deal” I can’t help but smile.


With consciousness comes a terrible pain, if she hasn’t stabbed me in the brainpan, I might ask her to, just to relieve some pressure from her earlier shot to my skull. “Your legs really do make an ass of themselves don’t they?”
She gives me a dirty look, and says, “I don’t get you Horrorshow, you destroy my barge and my pod for fun, then you pay 100mil to keep me from being thrown to the dogs…Why?”
“Why not? Do you want to go get some dinner and fuck?” She laughs, despite trying her best to stay angry, and attempts to give me her most dissaproving look. I smile myself and ask, “What, not hungry?”
She does her best to wear a serious face but it cracks as she declares, “So you saved me, and I will spare you, but I will be taking your ship.” She grins a girlish grin and boards my Thrasher. She blasts out of the station as Dante comes into the hangar bay, unties me, and as our crew mechanic asks, “She had you tied to the control panel, why didn’t you self destruct the shp, or even engage the shipping docking bay locks…Why did you let her get away?”
Dante and I grin at each other and reply, “Because its going to be fun getting it back.”


We have been wandering Molten Heath for hours, the tangos are laying low, as soon as we come into their systems, the rabbits are quickly going to ground.
“We are landing on our safe spot now Horror.”
“Thats fine. Lets give the crew some time, set one man on watch, and the rest on their own time for a few hours. Its quiet tonight, I will watch the scanners.”
Dante, my Seargent, replies, “That’s good, because I’m not even supposed to be here today.” and turns to give the orders.
A half hour later, the smoke from my pipe fills the bridge and the scanner pulses and clicks in rhythm as I scan every 6 seconds out of routine and habit. Just as I am getting comfortable the retriever pops up on scan. I quickly narrow down the target and lock the warp drive onto the correct asteroid belt, The Thrasher shudders to life and I get the guns glowing as we come out of warp and my crew takes battlestations. “Warp to zero for death or glory!”
We land 22km out from the retreiver. I heat up our long point and turn on the disrupter, and begin my spiral into the target. The micro warp drive fires us across the belt like a bullet, and as we get into range I fire the autocannons. Seven barrels spin and turn in unison, showering the retreiver with lead. The hull sparks and spews fire and is quickly dropping into armor, when the Jaguar appears on scanners. “Jag coming in fast, from behind us! His escort I bet!” Dante shouts.
I scan directly behind us and sure enough, he is closing fast, “I see him.” I push the throttle forward and slam into the retreiver, pushing his align line off, and disengage the warp disrupter. “More heat on the guns!” The reteiver begins bleeding into hull, and then the rack of ac’s spitting fiery death into the center cause fire and sparks to fly from the craft as it lists, then explodes. The central explosion splits the ship, and the resulting fire and ac rounds consume the rest. The pod is targetted and splattered just as the Jaguar pilot lands 10km away. We get lucky again. I have to disengage the thermodynamics from the guns, they are glowing red and about to melt, but they still respond quickly when I engage the wmd and push my transversal up in a manually flown 12km orbit, my ambit extensions giving me the range advantage. His shields melt fast while his barrage rounds tear through our hull. He turns and throttles his Jag directly down and away from us as his sheilds break. “Get on him!” We turn the thrasher so hard the metal inside grinds and moans as it pushes against itself from the force of the wmd and the hard bank. It pays off, we close range to optimal with a proper spiral into his trajectory and as we cut him off, his left wing is shredded and the explosion starts there and quickly consumes his craft. “We have the pod sir, ransom?”
I open comms, “50mil for the pod, you have ten seconds.”
“I only have 22million, I will give you 20 for if you…..” The explosion sends pod goo and a quickly freezing corpse into space.


The Autocannon bar, a more seedy group cannot be found in all of New Eden. The proceeds from a Tengu kill a few hours ago are being spent by myself and my crew on debaucherous enterprise. The bar tender brings me a Black Tooth Grin and slides the pipe my way. “What have we here?” I ask.
“From the lady sir.” he nods to the girl behind me.
I turn to see A long tall sublime blonde is already a few meters behind me and unzipping her coat. She walks up beside me, turns, and hops up on the bar facing me and takes her coat all the way off, displaying her gorgeous form to everyone in the place.
“Get her a drink before she changes her mind!” Another Rebel yells out, garnering a guffaw from the crowd.
I am completely lost in her neck line and full breasts, I smile as she leans in. She reaches both hands behind her back and I’m so torn up from the floor up, that I don’t notice its a pistol until the barrel is pressing into my neck. Her other hand is pressing her badge into my face, as she says, “Horrorshow, you are now a prisoner of the Caldari state.” She smiles, satisfied with herself, not knowing how far over her head she is yet.
“You are certainly prettier than you are smart.” I smile and squeeze one of her breasts with my left hand as I finish my drink with the other.
“I will make your life a living hell!” She kicks me backwards, and I slam into the floor hard. I almost spill my drink. “You scumbag! You destroyed my mining barge last week, and now im going to make you pay! I am going to leave you writhing in misery, I am going to ruin your life, and then take it from you!”
“I am not looking for a relationship right now.” I say with a grin.
“I was going to take my time.” Shes glares at me, “But I have decided you aren’t worth it.” She pulls the hammer back on her pistol, but before she can finish taking aim, another Rebel slides behind her and presses his blade against her neck.
“Holster that weapon, and I might make it so you aren’t torn to shreds right here and now.” I give her a look that means im not kidding, and the sounds of chairs sliding backwards and bad men moving forward fills the room. “She is mine, she came for me, its my privledge to take.” Fear fills her and panic begins to make her eyes big as they dart from person to person. “Hey!” I get her attention and my eyes beg her to lower her weapon. She thumbs back her hammer slowly and slides her weapon into her side holster. “She is mine, I’ll pay to ruin your fun gentlemen.” I quickly slap down the proceeds from my cut of the Tengu salvage on the bar. “Thats 100mil boys, more than enough for one vengeful carebear.”
“Heh, Horrorshow WOULD have to pay that much fer a woman.”
The tension in the room eases as the group laughs, then casualy put away blades and small arms, and greed takes the place of bad intentions, and they split up my take of the Tengu. I grab the girl, unbuckle her gun belt, throw it over my shoulder, put her coat back on, frisk her for weapons, and quide her out the hallway to my quarters. “So what did your barge cost?” I ask her. She doesn’t answer. “So 35 million right? and you just thought you would stroll into a Rebel bar and pull a gun on one of us for that tiny amount? You should have just bought the mining permit.” Still not a word as I lead her into my quarters and down the hangar entrance. “You must not value your life, woman. It is a shame..” I take her to her ship hangar and open the portal. “If you were smarter I would keep you for myself.” I raise my hand letting her know she is free to board her ship and leave, “Instead I’m keeping your gun, your taste in targets and firearms is excellent. So long babydoll, maybe you and I? Another life perhaps.” I smile, turn, and walk away, and she reminds me of the first rule of New Eden: No good deed goes unpunished, and never trust anyone. I feel the blow at the base of my neck, and as im falling to the ground and quickly into unconsciousness, she says with a satisfied smile, “You remember me now, you pirate filth?” as the blackness washes over me, I do begin to remember her…